The Code of Ethics regulates the working relationships of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Since January 26, 2016, Rukun Raharja has been carrying out initiatives to disseminate the Code of Ethics through a series of internal activities. One method of dissemination is through the distribution of Code of Ethics Handbook to new employees during the orientation program. Introduction to the Code of Ethics is also carried out through internal web pages and other media owned by Rukun Raharja.
The details of Rukun Raharja’s Code of Ethics are as follows:

Code of Ethics

Business Ethics

Company Commitment

Relationship with Employees

  1. Performing employment duties as stipulated by the Laws.
  2. Implementing employment system and procedures that enable the employees’ contribution in the achievement of the Company’s Vision and Mission, regardless of their gender, ethnic, race, religion or group.

Relationship with Customers

  1. Providing best products and services in accordance with the commitment that has been mutually agreed.
  2. Being attentive to the customers’ opinion and providing an immediate response.

Relationship with Suppliers

  1. Applying the same system and procedure to all suppliers.
  2. Applying the principle of transparency throughout all stages of procurement of goods and service.

Relationship with Competitors

  1. Applying the principle of fair competition according to the laws and regulations.
  2. Appreciating the presence of competitors and maintaining good relationship according to the laws and regulations.

Relationship with the Government

  1. Applying the principle of good corporate governance in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  2. Applying all required provisions and regulations in running the Company’s business.

Relationship with Local Communities

  1. Respecting the local customs.
  2. Participating in activities that increase the Company’s social value.

Relationship with Capital Owners

  1. Reporting on the Company’s condition transparently, accurately and comprehensively, providing that it is not in contradictory with the interests of the Company.
  2. Building a good relationship through applying the same treatment according to the provisions in the Company’s Articles of Association and the applicable laws and regulations.

Relationship with Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures

  1. Applying the systems and procedures of the Company at Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures.
  2. Ensuring that Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures operations generate added values to the Company and ensure the business continuity of the Company.

Relationship with Media

  1. Implementing a one-door system to guarantee accuracy and validity of information given to the media.
  2. Accepting inputs from the media with consideration of risks faced by the Company.

Work Ethics

Commitment of the Company Personnel

Compliance with Law

  1. Complying with all laws and regulations and related provisions that govern the rights and obligations of a good citizen.
  2. Complying with all provisions specified in the Company Regulation and/or other provisions issued by the Company.

Conflict of Interests

  1. Not engaging in any business with potential conflict of interests.
  2. Informing the Compliance Unit for any potential conflict of interests with the Company.

Give and Accept

  1. Not giving and accepting anything that is contrary to own function/obligation as a Company personnel.
  2. Only spending the Company’s revenue for operational interests of the Company.


  1. Not talking about material information or data to anyone including members of family.
  2. Looking for official information and data according to applicable regulations for the interests of the Company.

Supervision and Utilization of Assets

  1. Conducting purchasing and utilization of the Company assets effectively and efficiently only for the interest of the Company
  2. Conducting purchasing and utilization of the Company assets effectively and efficiently only for the interest of the Company

Occupational Health and Safety

  1. Establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, and preventing potential accidents at work.
  2. Understanding correctly all occupational safety and health standards and procedures applied by the Company.

Relationship with Co-workers

  1. Maintaining a harmonious work relationship regardless of any ethnic, race, religion, gender and group differences.
  2. Maintaining the dignity of a Company personnel inside and outside of the Company.