13 September 2021

Public Expose Live 2021 PT Rukun Raharja Tbk

Public Expose Live 2021 PT Rukun Raharja Tbk


PT Rukun Raharja, Tbk has held an Annual Public Expose on Friday, September 10, 2021, the Company has reported its performance during 2021. The Company said that so far it has recorded the realization of capital expenditures reaching USD 51 million or 51% of the total USD 100 million budgeted for capital expenditure in 2021.

The Company also said that it is currently working on 9 strategic projects, some of which have been completed, namely the development of pipelines in Banten, development of the CNG business on the island of Java, construction of Water Treatment Plant Facility in West Bandung Regency and additional gas allocation in Jambi. some of them are still under construction, namely the Rokan Pipeline Project, LPG Discharge Terminal at Sluke Port, Kab. Rembang, Extension of Pipeline Rental Contracts in Gresik, Addition of Compressors in Cilegon, and Operation and Maintenance Contracts at the Salak Geothermal Power Plant in Bogor.

In the Public Expose it was also stated that the increase in the company's total assets experienced an increase which was cause by a new loan from Bank Mandiri reaching USD108 million which was used to continue strategic projects until the end of the year.

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